Hand Lever Hoist and pulley group

- Apr 06, 2019-

Lifting tools and slings are intertwined and often used together. Manual hoists are also small-scale gantry cranes that are used for lifting and pulling operations. Such as pulling out a car trapped in your pit, removing the tree or obstacles and shifting the bridge. In short, in some narrow places where it is difficult to install other lifting tools, it is especially appropriate to use a manual hoist.


When using the hoist, the Hand Lever Hoist is only a few tens of kilograms, but it can lift several tons of heavy objects or pull dozens of tons of noon. If used in conjunction with the block, the weight of the lift can be multiplied. The manual hoist can be used for lifting and towing operations because of its special internal mechanism.


The mechanism is mainly composed of a connecting rod and two pairs of clamps, and the function of the clamp is to firmly grasp the steel rope. When the forward handle is pulled back and forth, the front and rear clamps alternately grasp the steel cord. When the front clamp is clamped, the rear clamp relaxes and the front clamp relaxes when the rear clamp is clamped.


In this way, the tensioned wire rope is continuously introduced from the end hole of the casing and taken out from the other end hole. By lifting the handle in such a reciprocating manner, the lifting or pulling work of the heavy object can be completed. When there is no external force, the mechanism relies on two compression springs in the casing, and through the lever system, the initial pressure is generated on the wire rope, thereby achieving self-locking action.