Hand lever hoist before use inspection and after use maintenance

- May 30, 2019-

The hand lever hoist is an accessory that controls the direction of movement of the hoist chain. Therefore, its function is also very important, but it is necessary to check it before use to ensure that the dial block will not be used during use. . When using the lever of the hoist, we should check whether the direction of the lever is correct. Otherwise, if the direction of the dial is reversed, it will bring us serious consequences.


It should also check whether the dial of the lever hoist is loose. If the dial is loose, it will affect its use, so we may have problems such as the failure of the dial during the use. After using the hoist, we should pay attention to wiping the block, and clean the foreign matter such as dust on the surface to prevent the accumulation of the block and the block can not continue to use.


After the lifting is completed, the plucking lever should be inspected to see if its parts are loose. If it is loose, we should repair it in time to prevent us from having trouble in the process of using the loose block; There is water droplets at the dial of the hoist, we should wipe it in time to prevent it from rusting after it has been exposed to the wind, affecting its performance and reducing our working efficiency.