Hand lever hoist operation method and superiority

- Jun 25, 2019-

The hand lever hoist is a high-efficiency and multi-purpose manual hoisting machine that uses people to lift heavy objects. The manual hoist is divided into aluminum alloy hoists, stainless steel hoists and cast iron hoists according to the material. According to the function points: wire rope hoist, chain hoist. Widely used in the design and installation of shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction, mining and other industries, lifting of articles, pulling of parts and so on. Especially in small workplaces, in the wild, aerial work and pulling at different angles have unique advantages.


Manual hand hoist operation method


The hook of the hoist and the fixture are reliably fixed by the wire rope, and the chain hook is reliably hung with the hoisted object.


Lifting the weight: Pull the knob to the "up" of the position card, then reciprocately move the handle. As the handle moves back and forth, the weight will rise smoothly.


Weight drop: Turn the knob to the "down" position on the sign, then reciprocately move the handle, and the weight will drop smoothly as the handle moves.


Adjustment of the hook position: When the id is unloaded, turn the knob to the “0” on the indication, then turn the handwheel to adjust the upper and lower positions of the chain hook.