Hand lever hoist use and precautions for use

- Aug 14, 2018-

The hand lever hoist adopts its unique elastic clutch technology, which can lift the cargo at any high speed. It adopts a light hand pull device and a new designed forged hook with high lifting rate and manual hoist.

The top of the hook is safer and has a slow bending performance.

How to use the manual lever hoist

1. Select the appropriate size hand lever hoist for use, and overload is strictly prohibited.

2. Use the front panel hoist for safety inspection. At the same time, the hoist can be tested for no-load test, and the position of the hook can be adjusted according to the actual requirements.

3. The lever of the manual hoist can move the dial to “N” position during operation. When it is reversed, it will rotate and pull out the handwheel. At this time, the clutch is open, and the chain can be easily adjusted. The position of the hook, after the adjustment is completed, the handwheel should be rotated clockwise to return to the original position.

4. After the adjustment is completed, the heavy object is hung in the middle position of the lower hook, and the lifting of the handle can realize the lifting of the heavy object.

Manual hand hoist use precautions

1. It is strictly forbidden to use overload. It is strictly forbidden to use the handle without authorization. It is strictly forbidden to use other powers other than manpower.

2. When lifting heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to do any work and walking under heavy objects, so as to prevent personal accidents.