Hand Winch Precautions

- Apr 28, 2018-

The handles (ratchets and detents) on the rotating mechanism of the handle of the hand winch will keep the weight in the desired position. The manual winch used for assembling or lifting heavy objects should also pay attention to setting safety handles and brakes. Manual winches are generally used in places where the lifting weight is low, the facility conditions are poor or there is no power supply.


When the manual winch is in use, it should be noted that the winding direction of the wire rope on the reel must be drawn from under the reel, which is in fact to increase the stability of the winch. In order to ensure safe operation, the wire rope on the reel must not be fully discharged, and at least 2 to 3 turns must be retained.


The direction of the wire rope wound into the hand winch drum is perpendicular to the axis of the drum, so as to ensure that the wire rope is arranged neatly, and there are no adverse phenomena such as oblique winding and misalignment. To ensure that the wire rope can be wound into the reel correctly, guide pulleys are often placed directly in front of the winch; the winch must be carefully anchored to the ground to prevent it from slipping or tipping over.


The manual winch set point must enable the operator to clearly see the weight of the hoisting or towing, to prevent accidents; before the winch must be used to pay attention to check the lubrication of the transmission part, observe whether the gear has crack damage, and the wire rope Whether the connection on the reel is firm; when the weight is hung and suspended, the handle of the winch must not be released before the brake is applied, and no person is allowed in the work area.


If a hand winch is being used, if it is found that the winding of the wire rope is not correct on the drum, it must be stopped before it can be corrected; a protective cover must be added to the gear of the manual winch to prevent accidents. The handle must be removed and placed in the toolbox to prevent accidents during off-duty; the manual winch must be equipped with a safety device: ratchet stop device, friction brake. These devices effectively prevent the winch from being reversed by heavy objects.