Heat treatment and strong tensile strength of 2 ton manual cable puller with double gear

- Oct 06, 2018-

The 2 ton manual cable puller with double gear is mainly used for tightening the wire and adjusting the sag in the overhead power line during the use. In operation, the high-strength steel wire is mainly used, which is not easy to break. The hook head is forged in alloy steel, the shape is elliptical round with safety device, the appearance is high, the handle can be rotated 360 degrees, the control card bolt can be rotated sideways, and it is convenient to use.

The 2 ton manual cable puller with double gear mainly uses its special heat treatment. The whole product has strong tensile strength, high meshing force and is not easy to slip and deform. The 2 ton dual-gear manual tensioner will be used with an opening (like the end of a hand vise) to clamp one end of the cable; the other end will wrap the 8th wire a few turns onto a pulley-like wheel (note that the wire is inserted Fix it in the hole in the middle of the pulley), and fix the other end of the wire to the anchor of the cable.

2 ton manual cable puller with double gear fits into the square head of the pulley shaft, and tightens the tensioner wrench to tighten the cable (note: the other end of the tensioner pulley has a anti-loose device must be stuck ), fix the cable, loosen the tensioner release device, open the jaw at the other end of the tensioner, and the tightener work is completed.

The multi-function tensioner includes a clamping portion and a tight line portion, and is characterized by a tight line portion, in addition to a ratchet on the central shaft, a cone and a reversing hook that engages the cone. It is used for tightening tight lines such as steel strands and aluminum strands. It has large telescopic length, large tightening range and strong applicability.