How is the electric hoist fixed on the shed?

- May 19, 2019-

      We use electric hoists to encounter fixed position selection problems, especially for electric hoists in the factory, but some are sheds, then installation becomes a problem. How is the electric hoist fixed on the shed?

      Some sheds are made of steel pipes, so the user can fix the steel pipe as a fixed point and fix the miniature electric hoist.

      If the shed is lapped, there is no fixed point above. For this situation, we generally recommend that the user weld an inverted tripod above the shed so that the electric hoist can be fixed on the shelf, so that the lifting of the object can be achieved. More solid.

      In addition, the electric hoist fixed position needs attention, we will introduce in the next article. We must choose our fixed location in the factory to meet our requirements and ensure safe operation.