How should I do when the hoist is rusted?

- Sep 21, 2018-

      Rust of chain hoist can occur from time to time, or with wet use environment, or with improper maintenance, or with the use of knocking. What if the hand hoist is rusted? Does it need to be scrapped directly?



      First of all, whether it is necessary to scrap directly, which has a great deal to do with the degree of corrosion, if the corrosion is obvious, and the chain or shell has a significant corrosion, and some places even fall off a piece directly, then this situation must be scrapped directly. But if it is only slight rust, rust removal can be done only if the rust is removed.

      Steel ball or rust removal sandpaper can be used to wipe the rusty parts to remove the surface rust, simple, direct and efficient. In addition, there are chemical rust removal and laser rust removal methods, generally used less, if the degree of rust is relatively light, can be self-rust after coating with lubricating oil to continue to use.

      In order to keep the chain pulley block from rusting, it is necessary to do the necessary maintenance and maintenance in peacetime. After using in wet or snowy weather, the water stains should be removed in time and the hand hoist should be smeared with lubricating oil.