How to clean the chain hoist with oil stains

- Jul 30, 2019-

      After using the chain hoist for a period of time, there will be oil stains on the chain hoist, which requires us to clean it:

      For the cleaning of the external parts such as chain, hook and cover of the chain hoist, after the work is finished, wipe off the oil stains, dirt and other impurities on the surface of the chain hoist to prevent the soil from adhering after the time is long. After washing, wipe off the moisture on the surface and spread the rust-proof grease evenly. External parts should be cleaned regularly with kerosene. Daily wiping can only wipe off the oil on the surface of the product. There may be impurities in the gaps of the parts. We need to clean with kerosene regularly.

      For internal parts, if it is not particularly dirty, use lubricating oil for lubrication and maintenance. If it is particularly dirty, we need to remove it, clean it with kerosene, and then apply lubricant for maintenance. Note: During maintenance, do not drop the oil onto the friction plate of the chain hoist to prevent the brake glitch from malfunctioning.

      After the cleaning work is completed, the chain hoist should be coated with anti-rust grease and placed in a dry and ventilated environment; the Taihu chain hoist should be subjected to no-load experiment and live load test after cleaning, and can be delivered without any problems.