How to handle manual hoist brake failure

- Aug 21, 2019-

      The manual hoist brake plays a good control role and safety protection in the use of the manual hoist. The brake function is very important and should be checked frequently to prevent accidents. The following is the handling knowledge of manual hoist brake faults for your reference:

1. The pawl spring has looseness and should be fastened in time. 

2. The thickness of the friction plate is thinner, and it is necessary to replace the new parts in time. 

3, the friction sheet has oil, you should wipe the surface oil immediately. 

4, ratchet missing teeth or there are signs of breakage, then you must immediately replace the new ratchet before you continue to use. 

5. One of the two pawls is damaged. At this time, it can be used in an emergency situation, but in the case of daily tension, it is necessary to replace the new parts, so that the brake performance is more guaranteed. 

      The failure of the manual hoist brake includes the slipping problem, etc. In severe cases, it may cause accidents. For the problem of the brake, the user of the chain hoist should know more and be familiar with it.