How to keep the hook of the chain hoist stable?

- Jan 14, 2019-

      In a series of electric / hand chain hoists and crane operations, the stability of the hook is an important part, especially in the operation of the crane is very important, what is the stability of the hook? The stable hook is a method of smoothly stopping the swinging hook in a desired position or causing the hook to smoothly run with the crane, and is called a stabilizer hook. Then, let us talk about several kinds of swings of the hook and how to stabilize the hook. :

      First of all, there are several situations in which the hooks appear in the horizontal swing, the longitudinal swing, the oblique swing, the integrated swing, and the swing between the hook and the hanging object.

      How do you stabilize it in practice? Wuxi Yongchang continues to explain how to prevent and eliminate the swing and achieve the goal of stability. In fact, it is very simple. To prevent the hook from swinging, the driver needs to follow the operating procedures. When lifting the operation, it is necessary to find the correct positioning. The lifting and lifting should be stable. To eliminate the hook and swing, it is necessary to adopt the “follow-up” method to eliminate the hook. When the hook swings in a certain direction, when the swing has not reached the maximum value, the vehicle body suddenly accelerates in the same direction, forcing the hook to stop swinging and being in a vertical position, at this time, the body of the vehicle The speed is close to or equal to the horizontal speed of the hook, and the relative speed between the two is almost zero, so that the purpose of the hook can be achieved.

      The little tricks for you to eliminate the hook and swing phenomenon, easily achieve the purpose of stability, you may wish to try!