How to maintain chain hoist

- Feb 25, 2020-

Be sure to clean after using the hoist
The working environment of the chain hoist is very extensive, so the product will inevitably encounter more complicated environments during the work process. After using this product, if it cannot be cleaned in time, a thick layer of dust will adhere to it. , The product will cause unnecessary danger during the next work. Therefore, the product should be cleaned in time after use. First, the product should be cleaned after use. The chain should be outside the elevator. Clean up and clean up internal components regularly. For products that are not easy to clean, you can use kerosene to wash them, and be careful not to wash with water. After cleaning, use a hair dryer to dry it and then apply oil.

How to add chain oil to chain hoist
Clean the chain before refueling it. Because the chain sticks to dirt such as sand and dust during operation, the chain will still wear the chain if it is not cleaned. After cleaning, the chain oil will be used directly. On the chain, after applying the average price, slowly reverse the sprocket and then straighten the straightened chain. If the chain has an angle, it is a dead knot and it should be adjusted in time. If severe wear is found, the chain must be replaced in a timely manner.

How to deal with the oil leakage problem of chain hoist is how to deal with the oil squid problem and the problems encountered during processing. The following is a detailed introduction.
If there is a leak in the hoist gearbox, the first thing we need to consider is to replace the new gearbox. The problem is that it appears here. Although it is easy to replace the seal ring, there are still many problems. There is a coupling in the middle of the gearbox motor. The coupling shaft is also relatively long. If the seal is replaced, it is prone to inconsistencies and the motor cannot be braked.

How to clean the brake of the hoist.
Chain hoists are used as lifting equipment. The working environment is usually complex and dusty. During the work, the chain hoist including the brake device is easy to install, which seriously affects the performance of the brake, so the work is over. Afterwards, pay attention to cleaning debris on the brakes. And regular maintenance, professional performance, cleaning and inspection performance is intact, if it is damaged, it should be replaced in time to avoid danger during work.

Everyone can protect the tools during normal use and clean the tools in time to avoid damage and danger.