How to maintain chain hoist in winter?

- Mar 05, 2020-

The cold wind is swaying, the cold wind blows gently over your cheek. Our family wears thick clothes to keep warm, but pull the gourd? How to connect such bodies for maintenance in winter? The following editors will tell you several aspects!
❉It is cold in winter but the machine does not wear thick clothes and works like us, so pay attention to the storage environment of the hoist, and the indoor temperature should not be too low.
❉If the hoist is frozen, do not use the hoist immediately. Slide the hoist at a high temperature, and then check the body for abnormalities.
❉If water droplets appear when the gourd melts, wipe them off with a dry cloth.
❉The manual hoist should also be applied with some lubricating oil in time to prevent the problem of freezing and freezing in winter. Dust can accumulate easily in winter, so wipe the gourd itself.
Winter is such a season, it is cold on the surface, but it actually breeds this kind of life, and this cold weather always reminds us that during construction, we must pay attention to the protection problems that exist when using chain hoists.

The lifting chain is one of the important components of a square crane. Some people think that the chain will become longer after a period of use. what is the reason?
1. The usage method is wrong. When the chain hoist is overloaded, the chain will be stretched, the degree of stress on the chain will be affected, and the structure will change. If the force is too strong, the chain will slowly deform and stretch, so don't overload the work.
2. The quality of the chain. Some small workshops produce lifting chains, the quality of raw materials is not up to standard, the quality of the products is unqualified, and the lifting chain is easily stretched during use, so everyone has to buy chain hoists from ordinary manufacturers.