How to maintain the chain hoist just used?

- Jan 05, 2019-

      Hand chain hoists are suitable for use in factories, mines, construction sites, docks, docks, warehouses, etc. for installing machines and lifting goods, especially for open and no-power operations, as well as flammable and explosive places.

      After the outdoor hoist rust or fade, it is actually the user does not insist on the maintenance after use.

      The shell material of the chain hoist is made of high-quality alloy steel, which is strong and wear-resistant and has high safety performance.

      After each use of the chain hoist, the hoist must be maintained for maintenance before being stored and waiting for the next use.

      After the chain hoist is used, the hoist should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust grease and stored in a dry place.

      Maintenance and overhaul should be carried out by those who are familiar with the hoist mechanism, and those who do not understand the performance principle of the machine should be disassembled at will.

      The chain gear installation is operated according to the drawings.

      When installing the slot nut, first turn the handwheel clockwise to press the ratchet and friction plate against the brake air seat and install the slot nut.

      After the cleaning and inspection of the chain hoist, the no-load and heavy-load tests shall be carried out to confirm that the work is normal, automatic and reliable before it can be used.