How to maintain the wire rope hoist?

- Oct 10, 2018-

      In the process of using wire rope pulling hoist, we must encounter the problem of maintaining and maintaining it. How can we correctly maintain the hand hoist? How can we make it serve us for a longer time? Next by Wuxi Yongchang hand hoist for you to answer:

      1. At the end of each operation, the first thing to wipe loose end of the wire rope adhered to the mud, dust or grease, loosen the clamp, pull out the wire rope, wire rope in sequence around the collection rack, and wipe the full-length wire rope, wire rope stored in a dry place to prevent rust.

      2. The gourd should be maintained at least four times a year, such as cleaning the parts with diesel oil and lubricating them with calcium-based grease.

      3. When the inner part of the machine is filled with mud, cement or other dirt, it can be washed with clean water, and then washed with diesel oil; after cleaning and drying, calcium grease grease is applied; finally, the nippers are loosened and the grease and water on the nippers are wiped off with clean cotton yarn.

      4. When the clamp is worn and the bearing capacity is less than 80% of the rated load, the clamp should be replaced; when the diameter of the wire rope is reduced by 10%, the wire rope should be replaced.