How to mantain the chain hoist in the natural environment?

- Jan 09, 2019-

      We all know that the operation of the chain hoist in many cases is carried out outdoors, so in the open air environment, the inevitable sun exposure, wind and rain and some artificial bumps are caused by the chain block. The damage is also not to be underestimated. How do we do the maintenance work for this unavoidable situation?

      The method is to apply a layer of oil on the surface of the hand chain hoist to form a protective film. How to apply this oil? We need to introduce the consultation:

      1. The first is to choose oil, to choose clear, non-impurity, moderate viscosity, no deterioration of the oil, otherwise it will not only affect the oiling effect, but even achieve the counterproductive effect. It is recommended to purchase the hand chain block after-sales service point.

      2. The operation process: first suspend the chain hoist in a convenient position; then use a steel brush to draw the right amount of grease, in a certain order, apply a thin layer of grease on the surface of its parts; finally let a section After the time, wipe off the excess grease. (Note: Do not allow grease to drip onto the friction plate during oiling, otherwise it may cause abnormal braking and serious consequences)

      We know that maintenance is the best way to extend life and effect. People need maintenance, the car needs maintenance, and the same chain hoist also needs maintenance. Effective maintenance is equivalent to saving money, so today's content can help you?