How to repair the electric chain hoist?

- May 30, 2018-

In order to give full play to the excellent performance of the electric chain hoist, the user also needs to regularly overhaul it during use. This will not only extend the service life of electric chain hoists, but also ensure safer and more efficient operations. So, how do you do maintenance?


First of all, we should have a comprehensive understanding of electric chain hoists, especially its internal parts. Because only after a thorough understanding of the product, can we determine in the shortest possible time which part is the problem. That is to say, the maintenance and overhaul work should be done by staff who are familiar with the hoist mechanism. It is generally used kerosene cleaning hoist parts, in the gear and bearing parts, add butter lubrication, to prevent unauthorized installation and disassembly without understanding the performance of the machine.


Second, after corresponding cleaning and maintenance of the electric chain hoist, it is necessary to carry out an idle test first, to confirm that the work is normal and the brake is reliable before it can be delivered. Furthermore, the friction surface on the brake must be kept clean. And the brake part should be checked frequently to prevent the brake from malfunctioning and the phenomenon of self-falling.


In addition, when performing maintenance work, it is recommended to use butter to adhere to the inner rings of the bearings that have been press-fitted to the lifting sprocket journal for the roller bearings on both sides of the lifting sprocket of the electric chain hoist. Into the wall plate bearing outer ring. When installing the brake device part, pay attention to the good engagement of the ratchet tooth slot and the pawl claw part, and the spring control of the pawl should be flexible and reliable. After installing the sprocket wheel, rotate the sprocket wheel clockwise, press the ratchet wheel and the friction plate tightly on the brake seat, and rotate the sprocket wheel counterclockwise to maintain the proper clearance between the ratchet wheel and the friction plate.


It should be noted that the friction surface of the brake system must be kept clean during the use and repair of the electric chain hoist. At the same time, it is also necessary to check the braking performance of the electric chain hoist braking device and ensure that the braking is good to meet the requirements of safe operation.