How to safely use Drum Lifting Clamp

- Apr 16, 2019-

The Drum Lifting Clamp is a tool for lifting oil drums. The bucket lifting clamp is divided into horizontal lifting clamps and vertical lifting clamps according to the lifting method. The horizontal lifting clamps have uniform distribution level lifting. Features: When lifting the crane, open the horizontal clamp jaws, firmly clamp the heavy objects to be worked, and then lift. When disassembling, the weight should be removed and the tongs should be removed without load.


The vertical bucket lifting clamp is equipped with a self-locking device, which is safe and reliable. Easy to operate, high efficiency and easy maintenance. During the use of the bucket lifting clamp, the suspension loading and unloading operation shall be carried out by the qualified person of the hanging and loading operation; at the same time, the lifting clamp corresponding to the purpose shall be selected; the use within the allowable load range shall not be overloaded; use within the allowable thickness range .


The bucket lifting clamps shall not enter the lifting operation range or the turning area; the hanging objects and spreaders shall not be knocked or impacted; the hanging objects shall not be moved sharply or stopped abruptly. Avoid lifting weights. Check the bite, gasket, inter-tooth blockage, wear and other abnormal phenomena before use. Check it before use.