How to solve the shaking of hand hoist and improve the service life

- Oct 31, 2018-

      Shaking is the taboo of using hand chain hoist, which indicates that the problem of hand hoist should be solved. Wuxi Yongchang exclusive solution to solve the problem of shaking the hoist and improving its service life.

      1. The unstable fixing of the upper hook is the common cause of the shaking of the hand-pulling hoist. It is necessary to remove the heavy object from the lower hook by means of the third-party lifting equipment and re-fix the body of the hoist.

      2. If the heavy object is not fixed in place, the heavy object should be fixed to the lower part of the hoist. If it does not cause the goods to rise, the heavy object will shake. At this time, the center of gravity of the heavy object needs to be reconfirmed and then fixed to the inner side of the lower hook.

      3. Overload will also cause instability of center of gravity, and there is a sloshing phenomenon. You should stop working and reduce the lifting of the weight, or replace it with a handlebar with a suitable lifting weight.

      4. Some of the chain rings in the chain may be damaged if they have cracks now, which will lead to imbalance in the process of improving the product, resulting in left and right sloshing.

      5. Operators in the process of pulling, fast or slow, and the use of force is also big or small may be a sudden stop situation, which will lead to hand hoist can not safely go up and down operations, showing a shaking situation.

      In the process of using hand-pulled hoist, strictly observe the instructions and prohibit the above five conditions, you can properly increase the service life of hand-pulled hoist.