How to use monorail trolley?

- Dec 24, 2018-

      The monorail trolley is a simple lifting device with convenient operation and light and small transportation. It can be combined with lifting products such as chain hoists and electric chain hoists to form a lifting and transporting trolley. Mostly for factory use, you should not underestimate the monorail, its role can be great. It is indispensable when transporting items. It is necessary to choose a good monorail, because it is related to the safety of workers. 

      The peach-shaped monorail is compact in structure, small in installation size, easy to adjust the wheel spacing of the monorail car, and uses a variety of I-beams. The monorail car is hinged on the left and right wall panels. Under the action of gravity, the height can be adjusted by itself to make the four wheels force. Uniform, monorail trolleys have high transmission efficiency, low hand pull and can be driven on corners with smaller radius of gyration.

      Precautions for the use of peach-shaped monorails:

      1. It is strictly forbidden to use overload

      2. When a peach-shaped monorail is used to lift heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden for any person to walk or work under heavy objects.

      3. When lifting heavy objects on a single-track vehicle, the center of gravity should be in the plane of the I-beam web. Otherwise, do not hang it in the abnormal operation of the monorail trolley. Do not yank it. Stop using it immediately, check the reason. 

      4, Peach If the monorail is in trouble when the hand pull is abnormal, do not yank it. Stop using it immediately and check the cause.

      5. The peach-shaped monorail is operated with the I-beam as the support. Therefore, the I-beam which is deformed, twisted, cracked or does not meet the standard and other defects cannot be used as a monorail.