How to use the flying pigeon chain hoist safely in the welding site

- Mar 15, 2021-

We all know that welding operations are dangerous. Operators must take various protective measures and stay away from flammable and explosive materials. However, the use of Taihu chain hoists at the welding site also requires various precautions.
1. The chain hoist should not be pulled up to a heavy object at an angle, so as to avoid shaking and impact from external forces during the operation.
2. Pull the hand zipper at a constant speed when the heavy object is lifted, and try to avoid the chain shaking.
3. Workers at the welding site should not use the flying pigeon chain hoist to lift heavy objects for a long time to avoid damage to the hooks, chains and other parts.
4. Keep away from the chain hoist during welding to avoid damage to the chain hoist.