How to use the load moving skates

- Jun 02, 2018-

In cases where large equipment needs to be moved and the distance is relatively long, the load moving skates can be used with a crowbar or a claw jack, which can make heavy goods move faster and more conveniently. Not only that, it also saves a lot of manpower and time. In general, the rotating small tank is easy to use, saves time and effort, and is ideal for carrying heavy equipment.


It can be seen from the current application situation that the load moving skates can be applied to the handling of heavy objects such as small, medium, large, heavy equipment containers. So, what are the methods for using it under different working conditions? In fact, for different usage requirements, we can use them individually or in combination.


For example, if one small carousel tank can carry 100 tons of equipment, then using multiple handling equipment can handle heavy equipment weighing 400 to 600 tons. Handling Small tanks are heavy-lift transporters that can replace traditional handling equipment. Use a roller bar. For the user, this handling method is not only labor-saving and convenient, but also can be used instead of a gantry when some devices are installed in place.


Compared with other handling equipment, the load moving skates is small in size, lighter in weight, and easier to use and operate. Usually, the wheels of the tanks are made of high-quality PU rubber wheels, nylon wheels and low-carbon alloy steel wheels, which can be selected according to actual needs. When using, it should be noted that because straight-line handling tanks can be used for walking on flat ground, the uneven surface will greatly affect the service life of ordinary tanks, and may even cause the truck to not advance or damage the wheels.


In short, load moving skates can significantly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and bring great convenience to users in practical applications. At the same time, the small carousel of the turntable can also maintain a long service life. It can also be used with or in combination to meet the requirements of different users, and is flexible and convenient.