Installation and adjustment of manual monorail trolley

- Jul 24, 2018-

      The manual trolley is a very good and practical manual moving lifting equipment by pulling hand zipper manual drive and hand chain block or electric hoist. The manual trolley which operates on the lower flange of the I-beam rail is adjusted to the width of the track width according to the distance between the screw adjusting wheels.

      The structure of the monorail trolley is composed of the left wallboard, the right wall plate, the hanging shaft, the bracelet wheel and the transmission shaft. Mainly with hand hoist can form bridge type, single beam or cantilevered lifting operation mechanism. Monorail trolley wheel spacing adjustment is convenient. The monorail trolley has high transmission efficiency and small pulling force.

      When installing the monorail trolley, the number of adjusting washer should be equal to the inner side of the left and right wall panels. However, in order to ensure the clearance between the side rail and the roller rim, it is necessary to allow 1 pieces of adjusting washer on both sides of the rings. After installation, the nut on the Pretight hoist shaft, hanging light load test running, special roller and track, and then tighten the outer nut, should pay special attention to the nut must be locked with each other.

      The clearance between the rolling sleeve and the track surface must be adjusted after the hand pull monorail trolley is installed. The adjustment method is to screw the nut first and move the roll sleeve to tighten the nut after the clearance reaches the specified value.