Instructions for using the 1000 LBS hand winch

- Feb 09, 2019-

The 1000 LBS hand winch is a manual winch with automatic brakes. It is a mechanical appliance that pulls the cargo by shaking the winch reel by hand. Mainly the gear-driven winch wire rope reel pulls the cargo by rotating the wire rope wound around it. It comes with an automatic brake that makes it safer to operate. When the 1000 lb manual winch wire rope pulls the cargo and the winch reel remains stationary, the brake employment is automatically turned on.
When all kinds of rescue work is needed, the 1000 LBS hand winch is another option outside the car winch. Its biggest advantage is that it can be portable, can be connected from any direction of the car, light and firm; electroplated, pressed steel structure, steel cable pulls the unit propelled by the pulley through two internal forks.
These forks in the 1000-pound manual winch pull the steel cable in the winch forward mode and are also an automatic braking system. The fork will automatically lock when the grip is increased. The manual winch can also be used for lifting, and can carry out self-rescue in harsh environments such as snow, swamp, desert, beach, muddy mountain road, and may perform operations such as clearing, hauling, and manual winch installation under other conditions.