Insulation treatment and pickling effect of galvanized hand chain

- Jun 29, 2019-

The insulating material of the galvanized hand chain should have good chemical stability, heat resistance, and the method of insulation treatment of the galvanized chain.


The first is the wrapping method, which uses PVC insulation tape to wrap the parts that need to be insulated, and the round rod can also be covered with a plastic pipe of appropriate diameter.


Then, the second method is to apply an insulating coating. The galvanized iron chain needs to be coated with an insulating anticorrosive paint after surface treatment such as derusting, degreasing, and drying. After re-coating, after surface treatment such as rust removal, oil removal, drying, etc., it is heated to about 250 ° C, inserted into thermoplastic powder, and the plastic powder melts and adheres to the surface to form a thin plastic film.


Why should the galvanized chain be pickled?


First of all, the pickling of galvanized chains with pickling paste can be said to be an effective way to remove the rust marks of galvanized chains, and this method will also form a surface on the surface of the galvanized chain. A good protective film can effectively prevent re-invasion of rust in a short time. One thing to note is that when using the pickling paste, it is necessary to apply evenly to the rusted parts, and to ensure that the chemical reaction time of both has reached a good cleaning effect.


In short, the pickling paste can improve the gloss of the surface of the galvanized chain and has a clear effect on the rust spots on the surface of the chain.