Insulation treatment of galvanized chain

- Nov 02, 2018-

      Galvanized chain is one of the most common industrial chains. Of course, the reason why it is so popular is closely related to its superior product performance. Generally speaking, the insulating materials used by galvanized chain manufacturers should have excellent chemical stability and good heat resistance, so the insulation performance is particularly important. Then, how do we treat the galvanized chain insulation?

Insulation treatment of galvanized chain

      For the insulation treatment of galvanized chain, we usually use wrapping method, that is, using polyvinyl chloride insulating tape to wrap the parts that need insulation, and round poles can also be covered with plastic pipes of suitable diameter. Then, it can also be coated with insulating paint. Galvanized chains need to be coated with insulating anticorrosive paint after surface treatment such as rust removal, oil removal and drying.

      Of course, in addition to wrapping method, there is also a plastic coating method. In the future, after surface treatment such as rust removal, oil removal and drying, the plastic powder is heated to 250 ℃ and inserted into the thermoplastic powder. The plastic powder melts and adheres to the surface to form a thin plastic film.

      At present, the common insulating treatment methods of galvanized chains on the market are mainly the two introduced above. The importance of insulating treatment of galvanized chains is not emphasized again for everyone. Anyway, when we buy galvanized chains, we must take full account of their insulating properties. Only in this way can we do so. To achieve better results.