Introduction to the functions and types of TGLY manual geared trolley

- Nov 22, 2018-

TGLY manual geared trolley driving is a simple structure, easy to operate, light and small transportation supporting lifting machinery. It can be combined with lifting hoists such as chain hoists and electric chain hoists to form a lifting and transporting trolley. It can run freely. The lower flange of the I-beam track of radius of curvature is used to transport goods and equipment.


TGLY manual geared trolley driving can also effectively prevent the flammable accidents caused by friction and impact between the product and the work. It has become an indispensable tool for installing machinery and equipment, lifting goods, machinery manufacturing and mechanical maintenance. The TGLY Manual Geared Trolley is mainly suitable for sliding on the lower flange of the I-beam in various flammable and explosive atmospheres.


TGLY manual geared trolley driving can be divided into two types: hand-pushing monorail car and hand-drawn monorail car. The hand-drawn monorail car is driven by a bracelet, and the hand-pushing monorail car is driven by the hand to push the heavy object to walk freely on the lower flange of the I-beam. Upper, and the wheel rim spacing can be adjusted according to the width of the I-beam track. The manual hoist is suspended under the driving, which can be used to form a manual lifting transport trolley for various lifting equipment industries.