How to judge whether the chain of hand hoist is good or bad?

- Aug 20, 2018-

      Hand hoist is widely used as a small lifting tool. The hoist chain is the most important part of the hand hoist, and plays an important role in the safety of the work. So how to judge the quality of the chain?

      Nowadays, some small manufacturers, in order to occupy the price advantage, reduce the cost of chain hoist, the use of the chain can not reach the national standard G80 chain, the use of some 60-grade 70-grade chain, in order to fill. What kind of material is the 80 grade chain?

      The G80 chain used by Wuxi Yongchang chain block is made of 20M2, forged by medium frequency quenching heat treatment, low wear and corrosion resistant chain, which is not easy to deform and will not break. The inferior products on the market are chains with high iron content, relatively brittle, easy to break, endangering personal safety.

      Wuxi Yongchang manual hoist chain will undergo three load tests before going out to ensure safety.