Lever Block Hoistperformance test standard

- Jan 08, 2019-

Shouban hoists need to undergo a series of performance tests to ensure that the standards of use are met. The first is the no-load test. When there is no load, the forward rod and the reverse rod are reciprocated three times to observe the working condition of the mechanism, and there should be no jamming. In the rated load test, it is tested on a special test bench, and the hand pull force and the handle reciprocating once the wire rope stroke should meet the standard requirements.


Secondly, the dynamic load test of the hoist on the board should be carried out. The test results should ensure that the whole machine works smoothly and reliably. In the static load test, it is gradually loaded on the special test bench to 1.5 times the rated load and stays for 10 minutes. The clamp and clamping plate must not have permanent deformation that affects the performance.


In addition, reliability test should be carried out, mainly refers to repeatedly moving the forward rod and the reverse rod repeatedly under the rated load condition, so that the cumulative travel of the wire rope to the round trip is not less than 120m (can be divided into four times, but each time However, the cumulative stroke of the wire rope is 30m each time, and the interval time between each time is not more than 1h. The wire rope is not allowed to be replaced during the test), and the parts of the hand hoist shall not have abnormal phenomena.