Lever chain block safety requirements

- Nov 01, 2018-

The lever chain block has the advantages of safety, reliability, stable performance and easy operation. It is compact and easy to carry, and has small hand force and high work efficiency. In addition, the structural design is reasonable and the appearance is beautiful, which makes it recognized by many users. Hand hoists are widely used in equipment installation in shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction, mining, post and telecommunications, etc., lifting of articles, pulling of machine parts, etc.


Of course, in actual operation, it is also necessary to pay attention to safety and ensure safe operation. When using the lever chain block, the lifting weight is not allowed to exceed the allowable load and should be used according to the marked lifting weight. Moreover, the handle cannot be lengthened arbitrarily, and the lifting weight is limited. The pulling force of the two hands also has a certain size, and the lengthening of the handle may cause overloading, resulting in damage to the components.


During the use, you need to check the condition of the wire rope frequently to ensure that there are no wear and tear, no broken wires, etc., and those that do not meet the safety requirements must be replaced. Since the working principle of the hand hoist is to use the clamp to alternately clamp the wire rope, it is required to use the steel wire of the steel core instead of the wire rope. In addition, a comprehensive inspection and test should be carried out before the use of the hand hoist, and maintenance should be carried out after use.