Lifting and use of SL drum clamps

- May 07, 2019-

The SL drum clamp is a tool mainly used for lifting articles during use. When used, the lifting clamps have the characteristics of evenly distributed horizontal lifting. When lifting, the lifting jaws are opened and stabilized. Clamped on the heavy object to be worked on, and then lifted. When disassembling, remove the lifting clamps after the heavy objects have landed and without load. The vertical lifting clamp has a self-locking device for safe and reliable work. Easy to operate, high efficiency and easy maintenance.


Lifting of SL type barrel pliers


1. Do not use objects other than steel.


2, not used for objects with too high hardness.


3. Objects with irregular slopes may not be used for vertical lifting.


4. It is not possible to use vertical cranes in the case of horizontal bite.


5, the vertical crane can not hang more than 2 overlapping objects.


6. Lifting objects such as rust, oil, paint and other foreign objects should be wiped off before using lifting clamps.


7. It can't be used when the lifting temperature is higher than 150 °C-20 °C.


SL type bucket pliers shall not cause the lifting object to move sharply or stop abruptly during operation, and avoid lifting weight during use. It is best to use more than two lifting clamps for safety. Check before use, bite, gasket, blockage between teeth, wear and other abnormal phenomena, and then use after inspection.