Lifting chain block use precautions and lifting work

- Sep 15, 2018-

There are many ways to clean the lifting chain block. The most common one is to rinse with water or wipe with a wet rag, but the dirt in some corners is difficult to clean. What can I do? After dripping in the gap, you can use a thin cloth such as chopsticks to cover the dirt and dirt, and then rinse it off with water. When cleaning, avoid the electric chain hoist motor. water. However, it must be noted that after cleaning the chain hoist with water, it must be dried in time, and it is not allowed to carry out hoisting work until it has dried out.

Lifting chain block use precautions

1. It is strictly forbidden to use the cable pull overload.

2. It is strictly forbidden to operate with other powers other than manpower.

3. Before use, make sure that the parts are intact, the transmission parts and the lifting chain are well lubricated, and the idling condition is normal.

4. Check whether the upper and lower hooks are hung before lifting, and the lifting chain should be hung vertically. There must be no twisted links, and the lower hook frame of the double-row chain must not be turned over.

5. The operator should stand in the same plane as the bracelet wheel to sway the bracelet, so that the bracelet wheel rotates clockwise, so that the weight can rise; when the bracelet is reversed, the weight can be slowly lowered.

6. When lifting heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to do any work or walking under heavy objects to avoid major accidents.

7. During the lifting process, no matter whether the weight rises or falls, when the bracelet is pulled, the force should be even and gentle. Do not use too much force to avoid the bracelet jumping or the snap ring.