Load moving skates operation process and main features

- Apr 12, 2018-

The load moving skates can be used alone or in multiple operations during the operation. In general, a small tank that can be handled by a single carrier can handle about 200 tons of equipment. Several small tanks of rotating disks can be combined to a certain extent to handle major 600 Many tons of large equipment.

In the operation process, the load moving skates can effectively replace the roller used in the traditional handling equipment to a certain extent. The equipment is very convenient in the process of operation and saves time and labor. The equipment is to carry heavy equipment. The ideal tool.

The main features of the load moving skates

1. The small size of the load moving skates has a large load.

2. Turntable small tanks forge steel plates during the production process, bearing pressure during the operation process

3. The material of the wheel of the small wheel of the turntable is mainly made of silicone resin to resist pressure, so that it can protect the ground to a certain extent, so that it can effectively prevent its oil pollution. The slide wheel is not required to be maintained, and its surface has The rubber layer protects the material and increases the friction.

4. The stability of the rotating small tank is good, and the whole equipment has a large load capacity. In operation, it can be equipped with a joystick, and its equipment is convenient for steering.

5. Turntable small tank is very convenient when operating. When running, it only needs to cooperate with the top-up tool to greatly save the work cycle. It needs no maintenance during operation. The product itself is simple and does not require maintenance.