Main components and structure of electric chain block

- Jan 10, 2019-

At present, the use of electric chain blocks is becoming more and more common. The device is mainly composed of four parts: motor, transmission mechanism, reel and sprocket. According to the position difference between the motor and the reel, it can be mainly divided into the following four structural forms:


The first type of structural design uses a motor axis perpendicular to the spool axis. This type of electric chain block is operated by a worm gear and is currently used less and less. The second structure is a structural design in which the motor axis is parallel to the spool axis, and the main advantage is that the height and length are small. The disadvantages are large width, grouping, complicated manufacturing and assembly, and large turning radius.


The third type of structure is to mount the motor in the reel. This type of electric chain block has the advantages of small length and compact structure. The last one is an electric chain block that mounts the motor on the outside of the reel. Its advantages are good grouping, high degree of generalization, easy change of lifting height, convenient installation and maintenance, and thus it is welcomed by users.