Main purpose and function classification of hand winch

- Jul 09, 2019-

Hand winch has high versatility, compact structure, small size, light weight, great weight and convenient transfer. It is widely used in construction, water conservancy engineering, forestry, mining, docks, etc. It can also be used as an auxiliary equipment for modern electronically controlled automatic operation lines. There are 0.5 tons to 350 tons, which are divided into fast and slow speed.


Among them, the large-tonnage manual winch of more than 20 tons can be used alone or as a component in machinery such as lifting, road construction and mine lifting. It is widely used due to its simple operation, large amount of rope winding and convenient displacement. The main technical indicators of manual winch are rated load, supporting load, rope speed, capacity and so on.


Manual winch main use


The first is as a lifting device for mine lifting, sinking and lifting (lifting) drilling equipment, that is, lifting ore, waste (stone), lifting personnel, decentralized materials, tools and equipment along the wellbore; As a transportation equipment, it is used for underground transportation of ore (mine truck), mining ore (slag) or filling and removal of columns.


Manual winches are divided into three categories according to power: pneumatic, manual, electric and hydraulic. Classification from use can be divided into construction winches and marine winches.


According to the function, the winch can be divided into: marine winch, engineering winch, mining winch, cable winch and so on.


Divided into single reels and double reels according to the form of reels.


According to the form of the roll distribution, there are divided into two parallel rolls and two front and back rolls.


Special types of winches are: variable frequency winch, double drum winch, hand brake lever type double brake winch, with limiter winch, electric control winch, electric control hand brake clutch winch, large double cylinder double brake winch, large external gear winch, Large hydraulic winch, large external gear with rope hoist winch, double traction winch winch, large hydraulic double cylinder double brake winch, frequency conversion belt limiter rope groove winch.