Maintenance of hand hoist after being drenched

- Oct 09, 2018-

      Rainwater is the combination of corrosive gases in the air and water vapor. The main body of corrosive substances in the air is acidic, so the rainwater itself is acidic. Once the hand-pulley (chain blocks) touches the rain for a long time, it will increase the possibility of corrosion of the hand-pulley, and will also cause rust of the chain and parts.

      The correct way to do this is to wipe and dry the parts after they are dried in the rain. If the internal parts can not be completely blown dry, can pull the hoist cover shell open, drying, and so completely dry before you can, and secondly, to corrosion-prone parts coated with rust-proof grease or lubricant.

      After the above steps, the next use of safe trial run, can be used normally, after the normal treatment of the hand hoist basically no significant impact, but still to reduce the number of rain-drenched hand hoist.