Manual Chain Block rust-proof oil

- Mar 09, 2019-

With the influence of the use environment and storage place, prevention of Manual Chain Block rust has become our focus. There are many ways to prevent rust. Among them, the method of “oiling” can not only prevent manual oiling. The chain hoist is rusty, which can effectively reduce the wear between the chain parts.


The parts that need to be oiled in the manual chain hoist include chains, sprockets, hooks, bearing parts, etc. It is necessary to clean the chain hoist before applying the grease. Apply the lubricating oil to the surface to a thin layer. Excessive application will result in the inability to absorb and become a dirty oil, resulting in the opposite effect. The cycle of applying the hoist to the lubricating oil can be determined according to the frequency of use. Generally, it is one month, and the timely application of the lubricating oil can effectively improve the working efficiency and prolong the life.


For the cleaning of the manual chain hoist grease, we need to drop a few drops of oil on it, then scrub it with a clean rag, the effect is immediate, so that you need to wipe the remaining oil with a clean rag, and finally wash it with water. When scouring, do not let the water flow into the internal structure of the chain hoist, and further avoid the rust of the chain hoist parts.


For the treatment of water stains, in general, the surface of the manual chain hoist has a waterproof coating to prevent the general water from entering the interior of the hoist, but if it is completely immersed in water, the hoist can be dried immediately, if it is not easy to blow dry the available hair dryer Blow dry. If there is more water, remove the outer casing and dry or dry the inner parts. When it is completely dry, you need to apply grease to the internal parts to continue using.