Manual Chain Block structure design features and applications

- Jun 19, 2018-

The manual hand chain hoist is usually compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, and widely used in lifting operations. As a simple and portable manual lifting tool, it is usually used for short distance lifting of small equipment and goods. Generally, the lifting weight is preferably not more than 100T.


At present, when the Manual Chain Block is designed and manufactured, the outer shell of the chain hoist is generally made of high-quality alloy steel to ensure strong wear resistance and high safety performance. At the same time, with the continuous innovation in design, its structural types are becoming more and more abundant. For example, some chain hoists are designed with a triangular shell structure, and the chain is boiled to increase the strength of the chain.


In addition to the overall layout is very compact and reasonable, and the manual steel chain hoist all wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant high-strength chains and hooks, greatly improving the safety and reliability. In practical applications, the product can be combined with hand-pulled monorails of different specifications and models to form a hand-pull transporter trolley, which is suitable for single-rail overhead transport, manual single-girder bridge cranes and cantilever cranes.


So far, this Manual Chain Block has been widely used in industrial installations, agriculture, construction, mining and other mechanical installation, cargo lifting, vehicle handling, etc., especially for open-air and no power supply operations.