Manual chain hoists should focus on the parts to be inspected

- Jun 01, 2019-

The manual hand hoist is a relatively common manual lifting tool. It is used in various industries and the working environment is very complicated. Therefore, it is very necessary to check the chain hoist. The load-bearing parts of the manual chain hoist are used to support the body. Before use, it must be ensured that there is no breakage, deformation, etc., to ensure the firmness of the chain hoist. Load-bearing components generally refer to objects that are hung on the hooks of our chain hoists, such as I-beams and beams.


Manual transmission chain hoist transmission components must ensure that the various parts of the transmission part of the chain hoist are free from missing teeth and excessive wear. It is necessary to lubricate the internal components regularly to avoid serious wear. The brake parts of the manual chain hoist, the braking part is related to whether the chain hoist can be used safely, so it is necessary to ensure no oil, excessive wear, cracks, etc., so as to ensure the reliability of the operation.


When maintaining the manual chain hoist, the cleaning work should be thorough and no dust should be left on the parts. The cleaning work for the flying pigeon chain hoist chain, hook, cover and inner parts must be carried out thoroughly, and the residual dirt on the surface or the gap of the parts is still not to be underestimated. In particular, the impurities on the internal components of the manual chain hoist remain, and the core components have problems. No matter the operating environment and maintenance, it will not help.


The user must pay close attention to the storage environment of the manual chain hoist. The storage environment has a great influence on the overall life of the equipment. The correct placement environment can reduce the damage of the components during the placement process, otherwise the components will appear before the maintenance. Performance changes even require retirement.