Manual hoist operators should understand six points

- Dec 27, 2018-

      An excellent manual hoist operator should have a high political mind and responsibility. Because of the work of lifting, it is not only about the safety of your own life, but also about the property and life safety of the surrounding.

     Therefore, an excellent manual chain block operator has a good learning attitude and can add more safety. In particular, the hand chain hoist operator should know what "three knowledge, three meetings" are?

Hand chain block operators should know the "three knowledge"

The first: Understand the cause of accidents in manual hoists.

The second: Know the use of various components of the manual hoist.

The third: Know the maintenance plan and safety technical requirements of the various components of the manual hoist.

Manual chain hoist operators should understand the "three sessions"

The first: the manual hoist will be operated.

The second: be able to check the manual hoist.

Three sessions: be able to repair the manual hoist.

      An excellent manual hoist operator is more reliable and safer than having an excellent manual hoist.