Manual lever block application features and precautions

- May 29, 2018-

As a manual lifting tool, the manual lever block is very simple and convenient to use, and it is easy to carry, so it has been widely used. In the operation, lifting, pulling, lowering, and calibration can be performed by using a manual lever hoist. Under normal circumstances, its lifting capacity is less than 50T. Currently, it is mainly used in shipbuilding, power, transportation, construction, mining, post and telecommunications industries.


Manual lever block is mainly used for equipment installation, item lifting and mechanical pulling and other operations to provide a great deal of convenience. It is safe, reliable, durable; good performance, easy maintenance; small size, light weight, easy to carry; small hand, high efficiency; structurally perfect, beautiful appearance and other advantages. It should be noted that in practical applications, it is mainly through the use of human power to lift heavy objects. Therefore, the operating handle must not be arbitrarily lengthened during use.


And when using the manual lever block, the remaining handles should be able to rotate flexibly without any jamming. At the same time, the user also influences the selection of the appropriate tonnage hoist according to the size of the load, and attention should be paid to selecting the specified model and specifications of the steel wire rope to firmly fix the hoist. It is generally made of metal synthetic material, so it should be considered comprehensively when it comes to maintenance.


For users, for different application requirements, manual lever hoists can be used either alone or in combination with manual, chain or electric trolleys, suspended from the ceiling of a building or on a crane beam. In some special cases, when it is used as a lift to load the cage, the lifting weight of the hoist should be reduced to 1/3 of the rated lifting capacity.


In addition, we must first check the main parts of the manual lever hoist before proceeding with the work. In particular, the fastening screws of the housing should be tightened and must not be loosened. And the manual handle movement of the lever hoist is normal. Under normal circumstances, operation coordination should be maintained during operation and operation, and there should be no abnormal noise or seizure.