Manual lever block features and selection of processing materials

- Apr 04, 2018-

In the process of operating the manual lever block, especially for its no power supply and open-air operation, to a certain extent, it shows its superiority, and the main parts of the manual lever hoist will effectively select its alloy during the production process. Steel materials, the chain will effectively use 800Mpa high-strength lifting chain.

The material of the manual lever hoist is generally effective after the intermediate frequency quenching heat treatment, during the operation of the low wear and corrosion of the chain, manual lever hoist used in the production of its high-strength hook, its material Usually selected as alloy steel, its forged hook design ensures a slow rise to prevent overload.

The manual lever block fully complies with its national safety standards during the production process. During the upward lifting of heavy equipment, the device will move the manual chain clockwise, and the brake seat in the device will brake to a certain extent. The sheet is separated, and the five-tooth long axis drives the lifting sprocket to run in the opposite direction, thereby smoothly reducing the weight.

Manual lever hoist features

1. The manual lever block is in full compliance with its international standards to a certain degree and is very safe, reliable, and durable during operation.

2. Manual lever hoist has good performance and easy maintenance.

3. The manual lever hoist has high toughness, small size, light weight and easy to carry.

4. The manual lever hoist has small pulling force and high mechanical strength.

5. The manual lever block is compact, advanced and beautiful in appearance.

6. Manual lever hoist does not lift cargo in areas with no power supply.

7. Manual lever hoist is powerful.