Manual Trolleys driving structure and installation adjustment method

- Mar 14, 2019-

The Manual Trolleys is driven by a bracelet and travels on the lower flange of the I-beam track. It is widely used for equipment installation and cargo lifting in factories, miners' docks, docks, warehouses and machine rooms. Especially in the maintenance of equipment without power supply points, there are outstanding advantages.


The manual monorail can be hung on different small cranes or stable devices on the I-beam, and the hoist is used to form the hoisting equipment. Warehouses, workshops, and power stations that are less demanding than the efficiency of the work can be used for installation, inspection and maintenance equipment, or lifting and transporting goods.


Manual monorail vehicles generally use a combination of independent trolleys to facilitate the reduction of the contact stress of the track. The types are divided into the following two types according to the driving method: the monorail of the bracelet includes a single hanging beam, a double hanging beam and a combination structure. Hand-pushing monorails include single-hanging beams and double-hanging beams. When a single-hanging beam is used, the beam link can be used to reduce the height of the track building or increase the height of the lifting. The double-hanging beam is combined with four forces. The point is a combined beam for preventing over-positioning.


For manual monorail driving, the number of adjusting washers on the inside of the lifting ring to the left and right wall panels should be equal. However, in order to ensure the clearance between the side of the rail and the edge of the roller, the number of adjusting washers on both sides of the lifting ring is allowed to be one piece. After installing on the track, pre-tighten the nut on the hanging shaft and hang the light load for trial operation. After the roller and the track are on, tighten the outer nut. Pay special attention to the fact that the nuts must be locked to each other. After installation, the clearance between the rolling sleeve and the track floor must be adjusted to the specified value. The adjustment method is as follows: first loosen the nut, move the roller sleeve shaft to make the clearance reach the specified value, and then tighten the nut.