Manual Trolleys Features

- Apr 21, 2018-

The manual trolley is a kind of hoisting equipment with simple structure, convenient operation, and small and light transportation and transportation. It can be combined with the hoisting products such as the chain hoist and electric chain hoist to form the lifting and transporting trolley. The manual monorail is divided into two types: manual monorail and manual monorail. The manual monorail is driven by a bracelet. The manual monorail can be driven by a hand-lifting weight to freely travel on the lower flange of the I-beam.


Manual trolleys are safer to use and easy to maintain. The manual monorail travel structure is compact and the installation size is small. The wheel spacing is easy to adjust, suitable for a variety of I-beam. The left and right wallboard hinges of the monorail link can adjust the height by gravity and make the four wheels evenly distributed. Single-track traffic has high transmission efficiency and small pull force. You can drive on bends with a small radius of gyration.


Manual trolleys are widely used in factories, mines, docks, warehouses, construction sites, etc. Monorails are used to install machinery and equipment. When lifting goods, monorails are particularly suitable for work in non-powered locations.


Correct use of manual trolleys:


It is forbidden to use manual monorails for overloading. When carrying heavy objects, it is forbidden for anybody to walk or work under heavy objects. When lifting heavy objects by manual monorail, it should be centered on the plane of the I-beam web, or else Do not lift. When manual monorail operation is performed, the hand zipper strips should be forced in the center plane of the sprocket wheel and must not be pulled diagonally.


When a manual monorail is in use, it must not be yanked when it encounters an abnormal hand pulling force. It should be stopped immediately and the reason should be checked. Manual monorail traffic gear and rail surface should be regularly filled with lubricating oil, at the same time we must pay attention to check whether the fasteners loose; manual monorail travel is to support the work of the I-beam, so deformation, distortion, cracking Or I-beams that do not meet the standards and have other deficiencies cannot be used as monorails.