Manual Trolleys installation steps and methods

- Jun 22, 2018-

The Manual Trolleys is driven by the bracelet to complete the corresponding operation. At present, the manual chain hoist is generally linked to the lower part of the vehicle to form a walking chain hoist. The chain hoist can be installed on a straight or curved monorail overhead transportation line or a manual single beam bridge cantilever type. On the crane. Its wide application, in a variety of factories, miners docks, docks, warehouses and machine rooms and other places of equipment installation and cargo lifting has an important role.


Normally, when installing a manual monorail, you first need to make the number of adjusting washers on the inner side of the left and right wall plates equal. However, considering the clearance requirement between the side of the track and the roller edge, the number of adjusting washers on both sides of the lifting ring is allowed to differ.


Next, after installing the Manual Trolleys on the track, first tighten the nut on the suspension shaft, and then hang the light-load test run. After the roller and the track, tighten the outer nut. During this process, special care must be taken to ensure that the nuts are locked together.


It should be noted that after the Manual Trolleys installation is completed, appropriate adjustments need to be made. The main purpose is to adjust the clearance between the roller bushing and the track ground so that it reaches the specified value. The specific adjustment method is: first loosen the nut, move the sleeve to meet the clearance requirements and tighten the nut.