Manual trolleys safety specification

- May 31, 2018-

The manual trolleys have high operability and strong safety. As a supporting lifting appliance, its advantages are simple structure and convenient use. In practical applications, the manual monorail can be combined with lifting products such as hand chain hoists and electric chain hoists to form a lifting and transportation trolley, which can be flexibly operated on the lower flange of an I-beam track with a certain radius of curvature. To transport cargo, equipment, etc.


Judging from the current application situation, manual trolleys are mainly used in various factories, mines, docks, warehouses, construction sites, etc., involving the installation of machinery and equipment, lifting and transport of goods and other operations. Especially in the workplace without power, its advantages are even more obvious. It should be noted that the rated load must not be used during use. And during the lifting of heavy objects, no one should walk or work under heavy objects.


In simple terms, in order to ensure the safe and successful completion of tasks, it is necessary to comply with the safety regulations throughout the use of manual monorails. It should be noted that bearings and rail surfaces should be regularly filled with grease and checked for looseness. When lifting the cargo, it is necessary to keep its center of gravity in the plane of the I-beam web, otherwise it must not be lifted.


It is important to remember that in the course of operating the manual trolley, the staff should ensure that the force of the hand zipper strip lies within the center plane of the sprocket wheel and must not be pulled diagonally. In addition, when there is an abnormal hand pulling force, you must not yank, but should immediately stop using it to find out the reason. Can be used after being solved. During use, it is also necessary to periodically fill the gears and rail surfaces of the trolley with lubricant, and check whether the fasteners are loose.


In addition to the above points, the manual trolley of a manual monorail is operated using I-beam as a support. Therefore, all I-beams that are deformed, distorted, cracked, or do not meet standards and have other defects must not be used to make manual monorails.