Manufacturing of chain hoist chains

- Aug 30, 2019-

      The main components of the chain hoist are made of alloy steel. The lifting chain is one of the most important and key components of the chain hoist. The material is made of alloy steel. The specifications of the chain vary according to the tonnage. The diameter of the chain of 1 ton is 6 The millimeter, 3 ton chain is 8 mm in diameter, so let's see how the chain is made.

      The steel strip is straightened by the machine first, and then the notch is pressed out on each steel strip according to the size, so that the steel strip can be cut when the rear buckle is pressed.

The machine is then pressed into an oval buckle according to each steel bar, and each button is connected to form a long chain.

      The round buckle on the chain should be welded, and then subjected to high temperature heat treatment to ensure the strength. The surface of the chain is electroplated to meet the anti-corrosion requirements.