Never overload the use of manual chain hoist!

- Jul 05, 2018-

      Salesmen in our company will remind customers again and again to never overload when they sell chain hoists.But some manual chain hoist accidents are still overloaded. How should we break them? The rated load capacity of the manual chain hoist is 1 ton, while the loading capacity is 1.5 ton. The super safety factor is used as the overload.

      In the actual operation, the operator may not have a very accurate weighing statistics for the weight of the lifting material, but it is only estimated, and then the hand hoist is hoisted with the corresponding tonnage, causing an unknowable hand hoist overloading operation, which is very common. The use of light hoists can greatly shorten the service life of the hoist, lift the chain to stretch and deform, and increase the hook opening. Serious will cause broken chain, lifting objects falling, resulting in loss of life and property.

      In the actual use of such cases should be common, many times the user has a fluke mentality, feel that once in a while does not matter, but once the accident, caused the loss of personnel and property, and again repentant, therefore, Wuxi Yongchang Lifting Equipment Co.,ltd--the manufacturer of chain hoists, remind all users: Never overload the use of hand hoist!