Notes for Replacing Hand Chain Hoist Brake

- Dec 28, 2018-

      The quality of the hand chain hoist is determined by many parts, and the brake is one of them. If there is a problem with the brake, then the problem is coming, can it continue to be used? Can it be replaced?

      The first thing to determine is that the brake can be replaced, but you need to pay attention to 4 problems.

1. When purchasing a new brake, be sure to select the original manufacturer and the original model to prevent the poor quality brakes from affecting the working efficiency and safety of the entire chain block;

2. The replacement work is best operated by professional staff to avoid the personnel who do not understand the internal structure of the Lingying brand chain pulley block, causing damage to other parts;

3. After the brakes are replaced, the experiment should be carried out, and the work can be put into use after ensuring the safety of the work;

4. After the replacement work is completed, it is necessary to lubricate the internal parts to avoid problems with other parts.