Notices when using chain hoists

- Aug 08, 2018-

Precautions before operation:

1.If the content of the nameplate is clear and easy to read.

2.Before operation, all items in the project inspection classification shall be ensured.

3.Estimate the quality of lifting or tightening material and choose the appropriate hoist.

4.Upgrading should ensure that the weight is independent and not rigid connection with other objects.

5.Make sure that there is no deformation or cracks in the check, and the work is stable.

6.Ensure that the brake system and the pawl are checked to work properly.

7.Ensure that the lubrication of the lifting chain is in good condition.

8.The lifting chain is made of special alloy steel and subjected to heat treatment. It can not be soldered or modified.

Precautions in operation:

1.Do not use a gourd with a deformed or cracked chain.

2.Do not use the lifting chain as a heavy load rigging.

3.Do not use the hoist as a support.

4.Do not hang the weight directly on the tip of the hook.

5.Do not pass the chain on the surface of the barrier (such as steel plate).

6.Do not perform welding or cutting operations on heavy objects suspended.

7.Do not shake the lifting of the goods.

8.Do not use lifting chain as welding ground.

9.Do not raise too much, causing the lower hook to contact with the gourd.

10.Do not drop too much, resulting in the contact between the lifting ring and the gourd.

11.Do not use chain hoists with damaged or abnormal sound.

12.Do not put the heavy load on the table for a long time without supervision.

13.Ensure that the heavy load is correctly placed in the hook cavity.

14.Before lifting heavy objects, ensure that clearance of lifting chain is eliminated to avoid impact loading.

Attention to the completion of the operation:

1.After operation, ensure that the weight is landed safely so as to avoid falling heavy objects.

2.Do not drag or throw the hoist when the hoist is in your hand.

Other notices:

1.When used in special environmental conditions (such as salt water, sea water, acid, alkaline substance or explosive environment), please contact your dealer or our company in advance to confirm it.

2.Do not use hoists in case of failure or maintenance.